Bells Beach, Torquay to Point Addis

Bells Beach, Torquay to Point Addis

from 30.00

Large 500 x 250mm

Small 310 x 155mm

Surf spots include: Fisho’s, Supertubes, Draino’s, Torquay Beach, Torquay Point, Haystacks, Jan Juc Beach, Bird Rock, Sparrows, Calders, Steps, Evo’s, Boobs, Winkipop Uppers and Lowers, Bells Beach, Rincon, Centreside, Southside, Jarosites, Addiscot Beach, Pixies, Point Addis.

The original artwork was completed in September 2011, using artists acrylic and ink on paper. Dimensions: 700 x 350mm.

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