Mentawai Archipelago

Mentawai Archipelago

from 111.00

Large 750 x 400mm $225

Small 500 x 263mm $111

Surf spots include: Burgerworld, Pitstops, E Bay, Beng Beng, Bankvaults, Nipussi, Hideaways, Kandui Left, Corners, Crystal Bowls/Malibu’s, Playgrounds Left/Karangbat Left, 4 Bobs, A Frames, Razors, Rifles, Tikus, Muka Itan, Nipples, Hookers, Icelands, The Sleeper, Ariks, Twiggies, Telescopes, Scarecrows, Ulars, Bombie Left, Aarons, Waterfalls, Bat Cave, Silabu Left, Bombie Left, Macas Right, Fish Fingers, Mini Macas, Macas Left, Greenbush, Roxies, Rags Left, Rags Right, Thunders Left, Thunders Right, Turuns, Kimbies, Moots, The Hole, Lighthouse, Debuts.

The original artwork was first completed in February 2009 and updated in April 2015, using artists acrylics on canvas. Dimensions 1330 x 715mm.

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