Mentawai Islands

Mentawai Islands

from 135.00

Large 1100 x 300mm $186

Small 750 x 205mm $135

Surf spots include: Sabulubuk, Jujuat Island, Promises, Burgerworld, Tailelue Right, Beng Beng, E Bay, Pitstops, Bankvaults, Nipussie, Botiek Left, Hideaways, Pirates Right, Botiek Right, Baby Nokandui, Nokandui, Pistols, Rifles, 4 Bobs, Rubber Duckies, John Kandies Left, Chubbies/Malibu Rights, Benchongs, Club Lefts, Muyan Itan, Hookers, Icelands, Ombak Tidur, Arriks, Suicides, Telescopes, Scarecrows, 7 Palm Point, Bombie Left, Aarons Left, Ledge Left, Bintangs, Lances Laft, Lances Right/HT’s, Waterfalls, Crusoes, Silabu Lefts, Macaroni’s, Bombie Right, Gilligans , Green Bush, Malakopa/Roxies, Rags Left, Rags Right, Thunders Left, Thunders Right, Kimbies, Turuns, Screamers, Satans/Discos, The Hole, Lighthouse Reef.

The original artwork was completed in November 2011, using artists acrylics and ink on paper. Dimensions 2000 x 500mm.

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